Information about Communify

How it works
1. Registration
2. Publish Ads
3. Exchanges. Sale of products and services
4. NEXOS, our currency
5. Fees, commissions and economic regime
6. Communications
7. Invite new members

1. Registration

To become a member you have to register on the platform by filling in the fields on the registration form. 
It is important that you fill in all the data correctly, that you tell us things about yourself and include some photographs. Communify is a community and getting to know us better generates trust.

Don't forget to confirm your registration through the email you will receive at the address you indicate in the form. Make sure you register with the correct address.

If you don't receive the confirmation email, it may have ended up in your spam folder - don't forget to check it!

You must register as a natural person with your name and surname. If you represent a group or organization, once you have registered, go to your profile and put the name of your organization in the "Personalized name" field so that your ads will be published in the name of your business, association or group.

When you register you will be able to contact the rest of the users, consult the advertisements and buy or rent goods and services.

You must also register with NEXOS. You can do this through the web channel or from your mobile phone by downloading the app HERE (Android) or HERE (IOS).

2. Post ads

You can post different types of ads:

  • Informative ads. They allow members of the platform to meet you, contact you or make a reservation without paying for your product or service online.
  • On-line commerce announcements. In this case you use Communify as an e-commerce store. For this you have to configure your payment system.
  • Digital products or services advertisements.  To offer downloading, sending by telematic means or access to non-physical or non-presential products and services such as online courses or 3D designs.

To publish, you only have to log in and click on the Publish Ad button in the top menu.  The different categories will appear. Browse and choose the one that best suits the message you want to convey. Put all the information you think will improve the visibility of your ad. Pictures are a must. The title is also very important. It summarizes the most relevant information.

All ads priced in Euros must include a discount in NEXOS.
In the field price in Euros you must include the price with discount; in the field pay in NEXOS the amount of the discount in Nexos; and, in the field price without discount in Euros, the amount of the original price in Euros without applying discount.

All ads are reviewed by Communify before their final publication. This ensures that they are in line with the values and principles of the platform. 

You can perform your ad searches through the search box in the top menu. 
You can also use the filters in the left menu or in the filter option of your mobile

3. Exchanges. Sale of products and services

If you want to use Communify as your e-commerce store for your products or services do not forget to configure your data for collections and payments in the configuration menu of your user profile.

Communify uses Stripe as its payment system.
These are the Steps of a paid transaction processed by Stripe in Communify:

1.      The seller posts an advertisement and defines a price for the product or service.

2.      The buyer opens the advertisement page, selects the options and clicks the "Buy" button

3.      On the next page, the buyer reviews the details of the purchase and enters his credit card information. Payment is made immediately.

4.      Once the payment is made, the buyer is taken to a page that displays the transaction details. He is told that the seller must accept the transaction before the money is transferred.

5.      The seller receives an email notification of a new transaction that must be accepted. If the transaction is not accepted within 3 days or before the completion date (whichever comes first), the transaction is cancelled and the money is not transferred. Once accepted, the money is captured from the buyer's card and the funds are placed on hold. Both parties receive a receipt for the transaction by email.

6.      Both users are free to discuss and agree on the details.

7.      The buyer or the administrator marks the order as completed (users have met, product is delivered...) or the order is automatically marked as completed according to communify settings (5 days). The money is then moved from the Stripe balance to the seller's account.

8.      Stripe transfers the money from the Stripe balance to the seller's bank account. Stripe

Even if the transaction is marked as completed immediately, the money will appear in the seller's bank account after a minimum of 7 days.

4. NEXOS, our currency

NEXOS is a complementary currency that aims to boost the local economy by promoting local consumption.
Communify allows you to use NEXOS in your exchanges:

  • As a generic discount. Local traders and professionals can offer a general discount of their choice (from 5% to 25%) and from the minimum amount of purchase in euros they decide, for all purchases made by Communify and NEXOS users.
  • As a partial price. All offers in euros must necessarily include a discount on NEXOS 
  • As a total price. It is also possible to make offers exclusively on NEXOS
  • As a discount voucher or ticket for events and training activities.
  • In addition, the equivalent in NEXOS (1 euro = 1 NEXO) of 5% of your online purchases in euros are transferred monthly to your NEXOS account. 

To operate on NEXOS you must register at or via your mobile phone by downloading the "CYclos 4 for IOS or Android" app

5. Fees, commissions and economic regime

Communify is completely free to contact other users or to purchase goods or services through the platform.

Until 30 September 2020, Communify is also free to post ads. 

In the future, once we have built a community large enough to validate the usefulness of Communify, publishing ads will have an annual subscription cost of 60 euros (informational ads only) or 72 euros (in addition to informational, e-commerce ads). New advertisers will have a free 30-day trial period for both subscription options. You can publish as many ads as you want.

In addition, a commission of 5% of the total amount of the sale will be applied to each sale transaction you make. This is a significantly lower commission than that charged by the vast majority of corporate collaborative platforms.

This income will be used, in the first place, to cover the costs of the platform. The remainder, if any, will be fed into a fund for the development of community projects.

The objective is that, as soon as possible, the income from fees and commissions will be applied in each territory as follows:

  • 20% to cover the platform's expenses.
  • 80% for a reserve fund that will finance community projects and initiatives 

6. Communications

  • Internal Mail: Communify allows internal mail communication with any other user.
  • Contacts: You can make comments or ask questions about the published ads. The questions and their answers are visible to other users
  • Tracking: You can track a specific seller and be aware of their news, thus simplifying the search and purchase process
  • Notifications: Usually, you receive a weekly newsletter with the news that are incorporated into the platform.

7. Invite new members

You can invite your friends or contacts to become Communify members by selecting "Invite New Members" from the top menu.