Information about Communify

Communify is a virtual meeting place for people and communities who aspire to build a new social and economic model.

In Communify all the capacities of a territory converge so that it is very easy for you to orient your consumption towards the closest and most sustainable options. In this way, you are sure that your decisions contribute to the development of your closest environment. 

Furthermore, Communify allows you to connect with experiences from other territories. Communify is the global network of local economies.

  • Communify helps to strengthen community ties. It connects us to our immediate environment and to our neighbors.
  • Communify is managed in a democratic and participatory manner.
  • Communify charges for intermediary services only the fees necessary to cover its maintenance. Therefore, it allows access to the products and services offered at lower prices than other platforms.
  • Communify does not use your data without your consent. You decide
  • Communify allocates most of its income to a reserve fund for the development of community projects.